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Dr David LevensonDear Readers, 

I hope you’ve been finding the blogs useful. 

I’ll be taking some time away from blogging to focus on online audio programs and other ways to make this information accessible to those who can benefit from it. 

If you haven’t already subscribed to my blog posts, please do and you’ll be notified when these programs are available. 

Till we meet next time—please remember to be kind to yourself.

David Levenson



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Good Will Toward Yourself 3

Your heart is the source of the qualities that help you live your life as fully as possible—support, caring, kindness, compassion, love, dedication, sweetness, and gratitude, among others. When your heart is open, Good Will naturally flows out in ways that are appropriate to your life situation. Good Will may show up as a simpleContinue Reading

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Good Will Toward Yourself 2

Good Will is the will that comes from your heart. You extend it freely and selflessly toward your loved ones, especially when they’re facing a difficult situation. And you’re happy to provide it as long as they need it. Good Will toward yourself is exactly the same, only now you’re directing the Good Will towardContinue Reading

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Good Will Toward Yourself

Over the past few weeks we’ve stressed the need for Skillful Will and Strong Will to be in balance if you want to maintain your weight loss. Skillful Will gives you the ability to choose the most reasonable weight goals, the healthiest motivations, and the best strategies to succeed. And it provides the intelligence, knowledge,Continue Reading

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Skillful Will Can’t Make Weight Maintenance Easy—But it Can Make it Easier

Strong Will (usually referred to as willpower) and Skillful Will are out of balance if you’re using a lot of Strong Will to both lose weight and keep it off. It’s true you may lose a great deal of weight this way, but, sadly, you’re just as likely to regain most or all of whatContinue Reading

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When Strong Will and Skillful Will are in Balance 3

Strong Will is what we usually refer to as “willpower.” It’s the kind of will that fights and claws to get to its goal—burning up lots of energy in the process. That’s why it’s best to use it for short interventions like sprinting 50 yards. Use it too long and you’re likely to end upContinue Reading

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When Strong Will and Skillful Will are in Balance

Last week we saw what happens when Strong Will and Skillful Will are way out of balance. A 200-pound woman wisely selected a healthy diet made up of food she enjoyed and a convenient exercise program to lose weight. Unfortunately, her goal was to lose as much weight as possible and then try to keepContinue Reading

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Balancing Strong Will and Skillful Will 2

If you use Strong Will (usually referred to as willpower) excessively to lose as many pounds as possible, you’ll need to keep using it to maintain what you’ve lost. Eventually, the physical, emotional, and mental strain of Strong Will overuse will force you to give up the battle to keep all your weight off. Reluctantly,Continue Reading

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Balancing Strong Will and Skillful Will

If you strictly adhere to a low-calorie diet, exercise regularly, and use Strong Will frequently, you will get to your lowest weight but you will pay a heavy price to get there. When your weight loss slows down, and your hunger increases, you’ll need a significant amount of Strong Will to rigidly stick to yourContinue Reading

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Making Peace With Your Body’s Resistance to Weight Loss

Your body resists losing weight by increasing your appetite, lowering your metabolism, and decreasing your daily caloric allowance (the number of calories you can eat each day without gaining weight.) The more you lose, the more your body resists, and eventually, no matter how much Strong Will you exert, your weight loss will stop. Let’sContinue Reading

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