Professional Acclaim

Maintaining Your Weight Loss is very easy to read, yet is precise. It covers enormous territory simply and thoroughly, with exercises that are enjoyable to follow.

Dr. Levenson provides compassionate guidance for people with a difficult problem. Beyond weight maintenance, it is a helpful guide for all chronic health issues, which tend to build on each other and spiral out of proportion. This book can bring you back to health, one gentle step at a time. It is essentially a guide to healthy living, prevention, and life style management. I have worked with athletes using similar strategies to help them enhance their peak performance. All my patients will benefit from this book.

Nicole Chitnis, MD, MS, specialist in sports medicine and pain medicine.


Weight loss is not as simple as “Eat Less, Move More.” Nor is weight maintenance a test of, or testament to, mere willpower. Dr. Levenson’s unique “Golden Rule” approach provides the foundation for a gentler, kinder program of weight loss and weight maintenance that offers an accessible, practical tool based on the notion that you are not defined by your weight.

His expertise invites the mind to help with ailments of the body – drawing on the tremendous power of outlook and attitude to control weight. This book also offers practical advice about physical parameters: what to watch (pounds, calories) and when to watch them (days), and ways to counter the pressures imposed by your own critic as well as external forces.

Dr. Levenson knows all that Martha Beck included in “The Four-Day Win” (and more). But he offers it with a calm simplicity that you’ll find more personal and gratifying.

Jacquelyn Cullen Howitt MD, FACOG, has a private practice of obstetrics, gynecology, and perinatology in Rochester, New York. She is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Strong Memorial Hospital/ University of Rochester


My patients who have not been able to maintain their weight loss think they’re doing something wrong. They get discouraged and self-critical, feel helpless.

Now I can give them this book. It’s a great comfort, well done, non-judgmental, and supportive. It will be very helpful to all my patients, especially those with diabetes.

“Dr. Joe” Prendergast, MD, FACP, FACE, “The Uncommon Doctor”


This book is a gift of clear and practical advice. More important though is Dr. Levenson’s guidance for working with the attitudes and beliefs that keep us from embracing ourselves – whatever our weight may be.

Ryuten Paul Rosenblum practices and teaches Zen in the lineage of Dongshan and Dogen. He currently serves as Resident Teacher at Genrinji, a temple in the Black Forest, Germany.


This well-written, practical workbook is both instructive and engaging. For maximum benefit, read it and reread. Taking time to explore all the thoughtful exercises cannot guarantee success, but it will certainly increase the possibility.

W.A Palmer M.D., Palmer Medical Hypnosis


Dr. Levenson points to personality traits that help maintain weight loss, and also provides exercises for strengthening those capacities. His book is filled with interesting insights, common sense, and above all, the principle of treating yourself with the same care you give a loved one. It helps overcome the common belief that taking care of others is worthy, while taking care of ourselves is selfish. He gently shares easy mindfulness practices that have been useful over his years of working with weight issues. The book reads easily and lends itself to choosing what is most meaningful to you. It belongs in your kitchen among other recipe books, to be used for spicing up your inspiration and motivation.

Susan Reid, LCSW